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  • Training Ground

    Greetings from Angleterre!
    I'm planning to come to another Lyon game this season (probably the PSG in December) but I also want to visit the training ground and watch them train.

    What days and times do they train during the football season? Is it easy to get autographs at the training ground? I really want to make the trip worthwhile so I am hoping to get autographs as well as seeing the match. Any help will be very much appreciated.

    Kind regards
    Zi :)

    Salutations d'Angleterre !
    Je projette venir à un autre jeu de Lyon cette saison (probablement le PSG en décembre) mais je veux également visiter la formation rectifiée et les observer s'exercer.
    Quels jours et chronomètre-t-ils s'exercent-ils pendant la saison du football ? Est-il facile d'obtenir des autographes au au sol de formation ? Je veux vraiment rendre le voyage valable ainsi j'espère obtenir des autographes aussi bien que voir l'allumette. N'importe quelle aide sera tout d'abord appréciée.
    Sincères amitiés

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    This is a great idea! You will get a lot of information from the game and I think it's good that you want to see how they train. It's possible you can buy tickets online or at the stadium on the day of the game. For example, if you go to the ticket office at Parc OL during the week, they will sell tickets for all games except for Champions League games. I have visited the training ground before, and it's a great experience. However, before that, I hired a reliable lab report writer for handling my assignments. I loved being able to see the players train in person.