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    Hi there,

    For my 30th Birthday I received money to go see a game of my favorite club.(They didn't find any website that arrange it for you, for other ligues you can find this kind of stuff but not for the ligue 1 apparently)

    So I was wondering if anyone could inform me, how to buy tickets for Lyon in a home match and what kind of hotel I should look for as I'm living in Belgium I think a stay in Lyon is my best option :).

    I would like to see a match like Lyon/Psg or Lyon/OM or Lyon/Lille or maybe the derby.
    Can you advise me what type of game would be the most interesting and safest to go to? As I'm actually not used to go to football matches.
    When does the tickets become available and how quick is it sold out?
    And what sector should I choose to sit/stand?

    Also other tips are more than welcome :)

    Thank you in advance!

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    A few tips for you:

    1) To buy tickets, all you need to do is to log in to your account, go to "Billetterie" in the red menu and then click on "Achetez vos places" under "Particuliers". You will see the different match tickets available for sale. Select the match you want to go to, re-enter your login and password and finally select your location and category in the stadium.

    2) As far as sectors are concerned, if you want to be located with the Lyon kops, the two mains kops are located in Virage Nord Inférieur (Bad Gones) and Virage Sud Inférieur (Lyon 1950). The main kop is the Bad Gones, where the atmosphere and singing are the greatest. The virages are also the cheapest ticket category, but the view is not so good. A good compromise is Virage Supérieur where the view is better and you can feel the atmosphere of the kop.
    The major matches worth attending are definitely Saint-Etienne, PSG and Marseille.

    3) Concerning the hotels, the best option IMHO is the hotels located nearby the train station Lyon Part-Dieu, including Novotel. Prices are reasonable and you are sure not to miss your train. Plus it's on the same metro line as Stade de Gerland (line B).
    Källström is the best


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      Hi Keumar,

      Thanks for the reply.
      Could you also tell me how much time approximately before the game the tickets gets available?

      Thanks in advance!


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        I can't say for sure, but I would say the tickets become available on the online ticket office about 2 weeks before the game. But the best thing to do is to regularly check the ticket office.
        Källström is the best


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          Thank you for the quick response and all the help.


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