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Lyon got Power and Talent to Show

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  • Lyon got Power and Talent to Show

    I've just seen the game of OL vs Plzen and I'm very disappointed about it, it was an awful game. With the most respect I think that DT Remi Garde didn't established a good strategy. I know that we are not the Lyon of the times of Juninho, Sidney, Fred but this is a young Lyon that has power and talent to Show. I think that a DT never has to adopt a posture of complacency, Never! In all the games Lyon we need to prove that we are Good and WE ARE. Just look at our youth potential. So please can somebody explain the President of the club and to the DT that we have to play every game with all we've got 100%, always aiming to show a good performance, to have hunger for great things, Champions of Europe and Cup of France for this season. Thanks may God bless all of you
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    Everyone agrees that it was a disappointing performance, but nevertheless the team is qualified. There was a short time of panic, but this can happen with a young team, which doesn't have a lot of (european) experience. Don't forget they played an awful lot of matches this season, and it's still wonderful they can compete in three competitions for now. But this comes with a price: tiredness, and therefore some difficult times. It's gonna be very very hard to play Juventus in quarter finals, win the league cup against PSG, and at the same time compete for the 3rd or 4th spot in French league. We don't have anymore the strength in depth in the squad, as much talented as your youngsters can be.
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