I spent the day in the library, my emotions mixed. On the one hand it was something of a relief to get rid of Jeff, not to have to go through the ritual of sex twice or three times a week, where I was under pressure to perform, like a bad actor with an impoverished script. I sometimes forgot my lines, and once caught myself yawning when I should have been in the midst of orgasmic shrieks. Yes I could do without that gangbang gay porn

On the other hand, it highlighted once again my sexual inadequacy and inability to keep a boyfriend for any length of time. Which is why I made up my mind to skype the only man I had ever enjoyed having sex with.

Jeff and his new lover had left when I got back. I opened the window to get rid of the sex smell, washed the sheets and looked up the time in Boston. It was 10:30 at night, which meant 6:30am over there. It would be late summer in New England, and I knew that Andrew wakes up at dawn, so he would be up, probably working on his tablet or reading something edifying before preparing to go to work.

I lay on the bed in my warmed room with the tablet in front of me and clicked his address. It answered on the second ring. Andrew was wearing a pair of pyjamas and lounging on his bed, a book on the bedside table.

"Good to see you, Maxine," he said. "Congratulations on graduating and on the job. You see, I knew you had it in you to finish."

"My love life still sucks though. I must be ugly and frigid. Nobody can stand me for long. They prefer empty headed teenagers free gay live sex

"So that's what you called me about. Well, let me be the judge of that. Take off your clothes."


"You heard me, take off your clothes. I want to see you naked."

"And you just think I will do as you tell me. You sound like my teacher again, bossing me around."